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What is Outsourcing?


Outsourcing is has been introduced to reduces costs and save time of businesses so that non-core business operations are carried out by other parties, while the organization can utilize and motivate its internal talent for more innovation and invention. IT outsourcing, Legal outsourcing, Content Development, Web Design and Maintenance, Recruitment, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Technical/Customer Support are some of popular streams of businesses and business functions that are being outsourced.


Why JobStreet australia?


JobStreet australia has unique business proposition of providing not only a space for employers to find ideal employees, but also to provide employers with the opportunity of outsourcing there business processes to us.

Our talented team members with their expert knowledge, will select a hand-picked number of CVs of potential employees, ranked based on your requirements.


Benefits of outsourcing your business processes

It can be seen that outsourcing your business processes has many benefits. Some of them are:


1.Cost advantages

The main benefit that has been stressed over and over again when it comes to outsourcing is the reduction of costs. Many companies fear that when business process are outsourced the reason for the reduction in cost is due to the disregard of quality.

However, we can guarantee that there will be no such negative deviation of quality, as we aim to provide a  high quality job at a lower price. Thereby ensuring that low-cost does not mean low-quality.

2.Increased efficiency

There is an increase in productivity and efficiency as our knowledge and understanding in business outsourcing has been nurtured through our experience in business practices and expertise in complex project delivery.

3. More attention on core areas

When non-core business processes are outsourced, it increases you are able to focus your time and energy on research and development, as well as product improvement, by providing higher value added services.

4.Retain wealth spent on infrastructure and technology

As we will be carrying out the non-core activities, you are not required to make an investment on infrastructure and technology, for it will be are responsibility.

5. Access to skilled resources

Our pool of highly skilled resources who are well educated and experienced in handling business needs which are similar to yours, takes the expense that you would incur to recruit and train resources.

6.Time zone advantage

Aside from the cost advantage, the other touted advantage benefit is the time zone differential between your country and our base of operation. Your non-core business functions will be completed by the time you open up for operation, as we would complete the tasks while you are closed for the day, giving you the benefit of round-the-clock business operations.



To contact us for your outsourcing requirements send us an email to info@jobstreetaustralia.com